Sisters and jewelry designers Shawna and Randi Herlich, the brains and hands behind the Canadian accessories line, The Right Hand Gal, have created a meaningful necklace in support of the fight against bullying. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to various anti-bullying initiatives and campaigns across North America.

The necklace is named Noble, a play on the phrase “no bull” and its creation is a call to action for people of all ages to stand up against bullies. The Right Hand Gal believes that every person’s voice counts in this global fight and each necklace has an individually-engraved number on its back, with the idea behind it being that each person wearing the necklace can stand up and be counted.

A number of celebrities including Emily Blunt, Olivia Wilde, Bryce Dallas Howard and Jason Priestly have have taken up the cause and have been seen wearing the Noble necklace in support of the fight to create awareness of this growing problem.

The Noble necklace is $45.00 and available at