This fall, WINNERS has the absolute best selection that combines 90s grunge with a nod to 1970s NYC punk; it’s oh-so-very My So Called Life. Basically, we’re going to combine our adoration for Blondie with our love for Kurt Cobain and hit campus with studs, stripes and plaid that will win over our very own Jared Leto.

Of course, being WINNERS we’re just as excited by the trends as we are the price tags. 

September, let’s do this.

1. Button-up Shirt and Denim Vest with Stud Detail
Nothing goes better with leggings and moto boots! Toss your hair into a top-knot, add some smokey eyes and you’re ready for anything.
Shirt, $42.99
Denim Vest, $24.99

2. Hooded Biker Jacket and Tiger Tank
SO HOT! RAWR!!! Go get ’em, Tiger.
Jacket, $59.99
Tiger Tank, $12.99

3. Studded Biker Vest
This is the kind of thing you put on and suddenly you’re the lead singer in a rad band. 

4. Striped Leggings
High contrast black and white leggings will stretch your gams for miles! Looks wicked when paired with a loose tea and black ankle boots. Oh, and definitely do bright red lips. 

5. Black Boots with Crochet Detail
These boots are both sweet and tough. They go with everything and we adore the lace-like detailing. Check the price point…OMG!



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