Have you heard? Emanuelle Alt is the new Editor-in-Chief of Vogue Paris. If you follow fashion news closely, you’ve probably seen this headline reworded, repeated, tweeted and retweeted too many times within the last couple of days.  

Scrolling past the same fashion news stories across various blogs can feel redundant. Scrolling past additional and unwanted fashion news stories can feel equally unnecessary. “But I need to know the latest designer drama and where to get the new line of Spanx alternatives (called Skweez) launched by a Real Housewife of New York!” (The latter is a true ‘news’ story…and I just threw up in my mouth a little bit.) 

As an attempt to help make your online fashion news experience less redundant and more efficient, I’ve put together a list of five notable websites. Each site presents timely, diverse, and stimulating content that caters to particular fashion niches. 

Business of Fashion (BoF) 
A resource that is targeted to those who are interested in the business side of fashion, i.e. emerging luxury markets, e-commerce trends, and more. It has been dubbed, “The Economist of Fashion” by Maclean’s Magazine and “an industry authority” by Vogue Italia.  

Fashion Copious 
“A boutique-like fashion blog” that is suitable for the ocular fashion fiends. Includes fashion videos, designer/brand/model news in the form of pictorial grids, and the most recent editorials from various international magazines.  

The go-to spot for keeping up-to-date with masthead reshufflings, the latest campaign trail (Who is the face of What Brand?), and shopping trends. A plus: The website is user-friendly and easy to navigate. 

The Cut Blog
Daily fashion news reported by New York Magazine covering runway shows, trends, designers, models, celebrities and fashion magazines. If you fawn over celebrities, The Cut Blog is probably for you because it features the most celebrity content as compared to the others on this list.  

The Moment Blog 
For the ones who can’t help but be dilettantes, The Moment Blog spans women’s fashion, men’s fashion, design, travel, food, and culture. The NYTimes like to deem their blog a place “Where Style Meets Culture.” 

~ Charmaine Li

Image courtesy of The Cut