The skills you need for improv are the skills you need in business: team work, accurate communication, leveraging on another person’s suggestion, and exploring topics in-depth. That’s why we think this Intro to Improv for Business is a BRILLIANT idea to bring the A-game to your work life.

The Second City Training Centre Toronto is offering Intro to Improv for Business beginning Tuesday August 23. Participants will gain the confidence to approach personal and business decisions with more creativity and collaboration through the Second City philosophy of “Yes, and…” This means you say, “Yes, and…” to everything your scene partner says. In other words, agree with the reality they are creating and then contribute new information that moves the joke forward. It’s like learning to riff on someone’s statement, without shutting it down, which is key if you want to get anywhere in the business world.

You’ll do classes in Public Speaking to improve in presentations and speeches, Improv for Anxiety to help overcome fear and avoidance associated with work and social situations, and Improv Drop-Ins for those who are trying improv for the first time. It’s professional development that will actually be a helluva lot of fun. Register here.