Slightly hidden on College St, just east of Dovercourt, is Good Gosh Beauty, a delightful beauty bar where you can get permanent eyeliner and lash extensions done right. There are a lot of players in this city that claim to know how to Bambi your eyes, but we only promote the ones who actually have the expertise. Not only does Lauren Kurtz have years of training at established cosmetic surgery institutions like Yorkville’s Spa Medica and Elements Wellness and Medispa, but she also has a gentle touch and warm personality. Lauren treats her craft like artistry.

So, why would you want permanent makeup? For sensitive skin types, semi-permanent eyeliner is a much better alternative to continually scribbling on and rubbing out makeup. For fair haired types, permanent eyebrows and lash extensions can add drama and definition. Further, who doesn’t want to wake up with big, bright, beautiful eyes? 

Beyond permanent makeup, Lauren also offers private makeup sessions so you can really perfect your day-to-night look. Wedding parties are also invited into Good Gosh Beauty; we think its a gorgeous spot to relax before the big event. 

Perhaps it is the photos of Brigitte Bardot that one is greeted by upon entrance or maybe it’s Lauren’s delicate personality but Good Gosh Beauty reminds us of a scene from a 1960s French film. This may be our imagination, but as we are ever-trying to live out a scene in a Jean-Luc Godard film, Lauren’s wee studio kinda makes for the perfect feminine backdrop.

We don’t just trust anybody when it comes to tattooing our eyelids, but we trust Lauren implicitly and have been wowed by her beauty talents. 

See here for more details and call to make an appointment to discuss options.
907 College St. West