The Leslieville Flea is a curated Toronto-based flea market that specializes in vintage, upcycled and handcrafted goods. Their vendors search far and wide for the best finds. 

These sisters share more than just genes. They also share a love of vintage, a fascination with history, a fetish for sourcing and the satisfaction of sharing those finds with their customers and other vintage lovers. 

The Pleasure of Style

SDTC: Tell us the name of your business and what you curate?

Our names are Lara and Joanna and together we own The Pleasure of Style. We curate a fun mix of vintage stuff…clothing and accessories, housewares and curiosities of the kitschy cool variety.

How and why did you and your sis start working together?

In the mid-nineties we started going to garage and estate sales on weekends for fun and amassed tons of really cool finds. Someone who collected vintage handbags asked us if we came across any unique ones in our travels. When we showed her some that we had found, she was so thrilled that she decided to buy them from us.

That was the moment we realized we had just sourced a little joy for somebody, and we wanted to keep doing that. Working together was a no-brainer. We both share the same passion for what we do, and we can read each other’s minds, which helps. We’re like bacon & eggs…great alone but even better together!

What is your find of the week?

A COCKTAILS ice bucket (Enesco Japan Import). A super groovy must-have for your next house or dinner party. It keeps the ice cold while looking hot.

Why did it catch your eye?

The colours and font are very pop-y – it’s what drew us to it and it’s in amazing condition.

Where/how do you see it living out the rest of its days?

Sitting on a bar cart at some sublime shindig, filled with ice, ready to keep drinks chilled, fabulous people mixing & mingling around it.

Vintage 30

Tell us the name of your business and what you curate?

My name is Jenny and my business is Vintage 30. I curate vintage, retro and antique furniture and house décor.

How and why did you and your sis start working together?

My sister Katherine also has a similar business as mine, Corner Shop Decors. It is great to do shows together because we have been working together since we were kids and we work well together. Plus, she laughs at my jokes. 

What is your find of the week?

The find of the week is this console table that I repurposed from a fax machine table.

Why did it catch your eye?

A couple years ago I picked up this fax machine table. It was beige and had a dreary cracked melamine top, but I saw potential in it. At that time I just wasn’t sure what was going to come of it.

Fast forward two years, I found these old floor boards from my century home and I knew they would make a great table top. I put two and two together and a coat of black paint and voila!

How do you see it living out the rest of its days?

I think it would be a great piece behind a sofa with some baskets or footstools tucked underneath it. Or in a hallway to gather keys and wallets.

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