by Becca Lemire
Since it’s premier I’ve watched the video ‘California Girls’ several times, I’ll admit on mute most of the time, but I’m enthralled with the bright, summery, candy coated costumes. This new look of hers is helping her to become a style icon, one blue wig at a time. One look that particularly stands out to me is the strapless white Candy Dots mini-dress she wears towards the end, when she grinds Snoop (awkward…). If I was in charge of say, Target, I would have a functional imitation of this dress on racks right now. It has elements of mod fashion, rave and wearable art, but is current and cute. It’s the perfect night-out-during-a-heat-wave dress, if it probably wasn’t made out of paper and styrofoam in the video. Can’t knock it’s aesthetic brilliance though. Fashion Points for Katy Perry.