DJ Earworm sums up 2010 – Get ready for some awesome viral procrastination. Every year DJ Earworm mashes up the top 25 Billboard Hits and he’s just released his 2010 entry: Don’t Stop the Pop which is every bit as seamless and cool as 2009 and 2008’s versions. My favourite however, is the song he did of all the artists that performed in London last summer. Or you can also track Nelly Furtado or Annie Lennox’s careers in an awesome medley. Bonus points for anyone who can identify how many 2010 artists asked us to ‘put our hands up in the air’.

Blue Valentine – This film featuring indie darlings Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams captures all the joy and heartbreak of a relationship with brutal honesty. It has been hyped and buzzed about since its first screenings at TIFF earlier this year and is finally in theatres this Friday. Definitely one of the year’s most anticipated but Ryan Gosling = further incentive.

New Hip Hop Leakage – Fairly fresh off of his jail sentence, Lil Wayne’s first new track has hit the web . Dig the zydeco sample people. Also leaked? Kanye’s long awaited music video for Monster featuring Rick Ross, Jay Z and Nicki Minaj. The quality isn’t perfect but the video is…..graphic. It definitely suits the track and the guest rappers are of course awesome, especially Nicki’s split personalities. But it’s a bit… off. You judge.

Californication –TV’s sexiest fictional character returns this week. Californication kicks off its fourth season on Sunday night when Hank Moody (David Duchovny), bad boy writer and debauched man about town, must deal with the aftermath of his accidental swim in the underage pool coming to light.

The Bachelor – If gin and threesomes aren’t your Romantic style, switch off Californication and indulge in the wine spritzers and roses that comprise The Bachelor. The dude who dumped both gals instead of proposing has been given a second chance by the TV gods who have once again, chosen 25 famewhoresseekers for him to choose from. The show we all love to hate and hate to love is back Monday nights.