by Ivana Markotic 

Pop fans are still trying to catch their breaths after singing at the Spice Girls and New Kids on the Block reunion tours, while rock enthusiasts are just getting their lungs started.

This day in music, there may be nothing better for a successful band than to break up or go on hiatus, only to reunite for a reunion tour (you have to be missed a little, give it at least five years) to generate millions in revenue.  So while the early success money was blown on drugs and hookers, the older and wiser band-members can now take the reunion tour money and invest it into a savings account. 

Here are some top bands that are reuniting to trigger a little nostalgia (and most are expected to make pit stops in Toronto): 

Blur: WOOOOO-HOOOO! This was the crescendo of the party anthem of the 90s. “Song 2” was one of Blur’s most popular songs that led them to break into the North American market (which is a very tight bubble to burst.) After seven albums and over ten years together, in early 2000, guitarist Graham Coxon left the band, while singer Damon Albarn found success with the Gorillaz. In 2008 they announced their reunion with dates scheduled in London’s Hyde Park in July and the 2009 Glastonbury Festival.  North American dates are expected to be announced later this year.  

No Doubt: While they never officially broke up, the five year hiatus of No Doubt allowed front woman Gwen Stefani to focus on a solo career, acting, designing, making perfumes, getting married and reproducing. ENOUGH! Loyal fans are now ready to rock out to classics “I’m Just a Girl” and “Don’t Speak.” They are playing Toronto’s A.C.C. on June 16th. 

Blink 182: The threesome looked a little awkward together announcing their reunion at this year’s Grammy Awards, sort of like old lovers that are trying to rekindle a relationship.  With hit songs “All the Small Things” and “The Rock Show” the band suddenly broke up, with drummer Travis Barker and singer/bassist Mark Hoppus finding success as +44 and singer/guitarist Tom DeLonge establishing the band Angels & Airwaves. There seemed to be no hope for reconciliation, but with Barker’s survival of a plane crash, the band seems to have worked things out. Their sixth studio album is expected to be released in 2009 with a world tour to follow.