Last Saturday’s SCANDAL, Northbound Leather’s 18th Annual Fetish Fashion Show, was not for the faint of heart. Whether you’re voyeuristic or not, you are going to see some thangs.  I attended the event, my partner in tow, both of us decked out in full-on black. Because, what else do you wear to a leather show when you don’t own any (p)leather?

The Show revealed Northbound’s Creative Director Cheryl Kocot‘s original mini-collection of nine ‘period inspired designs’ — a veritable feast for the eyes and temptation for our quivering loins.

The evening festivities were hosted by the luxurious Sound Academy on Polson Pier. Sultry red lights flooded the runway and open play areas, while leather and latex-clad subs and doms roamed the dimly-lit venue. Drink in hand, I promptly made my way to the viewing seats of the glass-encased dungeon upstairs. There, pleasure-seekers indulged their fantasies: whips, chains, nipple-clamps; a regular Saturday night. Pulsating music filled the air along with the aroma of shrimp cocktails and screams reverberating from the dungeon.

At eleven ‘o’ clock sharp, the lights dimmed and the runway was set on fire (figuratively). The chains came out (literally). The scandal motif echoed throughout; from political scandals, to those of family and religion, to the closing ‘Red Carpet’ scandal. It was all play, latex, hoods and chains. Shit got real when the gladiators came out.

Northbound Leather hosts a Fetish Show in late October every year. Be sure to keep up to date with the latest in kink-wear at