I am a cool, calm, capable, collected lady on the go. Even though I may not have the majority of my shit together, I like to use beauty products that make me feel as though I might someday “get it together,” whatever “it” is. My approach to makeup is built upon my limitations when it comes to how many products I can pack in the black pleather (sorry, vegan leather) wristlet I am currently using as my makeup bag. I have clear lip gloss, lipstick primer, brown liner, mascara, contact lens moistening drops (date me!), one lip shade slightly darker than my lips, and a bright pink lipstick.

SDTC’s Summer Makeup Series: Hybrid Products

My most recent infatuation though? The Radiant Rose blush stick from Joe Fresh that doubles as a sparkly highlighter.

This hybrid blush stick is compact and twists up. I like it because I can apply it directly to my cheeks. I use it sparingly and start at the top of my cheekbones, a couple of centimetres under the outer corners of my eyes, to avoid looking like a clown. (If you want to look like a clown, go ahead and do you. You’d probably get better results with a different tutorial though.)

Blush used to really intimidate me, until I learned that it doesn’t abide by one-size-fits-all standards for application. When I was running a Tumblr about makeup with my best friend, we would get the most questions about blush: how to put it on, which formula to choose, how to choose a brush. My advice? Experiment, and think hard about what kind of makeup you already use. If you’ve got multiple types of brushes for each area of your face, then you probably feel comfortable using powder, gel, or cream. If you’re just starting out, a cream formula can be good for building up your confidence with this new, mysterious thing you’ve decided to put on your face. Just start small, apply sparingly and blend like your life depends on it. Here are some photos to demonstrate:

IMG_0657 IMG_0658 IMG_0659

Remember that not all blush sticks are created equal – beware of certain formulations as they are trash and can only be applied using a brush and the tiniest amount of product. This defeats the purpose of the medium because those who buy sticks are looking for something that can be thrown into a purse without requiring something else to use the product successfully. We still live in a world that is just plain ambivalent to the everyday problems and concerns of women…and those who use makeup.