Where do you live: I live on the second floor of a house in Leslieville, just off of Queen. It’s a streetcar ride away from work and school, but I love being halfway between the beach and downtown. My landlords live downstairs and only speak Chinese. My street has a lot of stray ginger kittens that I want to take home.
What do you do: I write and copy edit (and occasionally even model) for WORN Fashion Journal and www.WORNJournal.com. Of course, I’m a “barista” and I work at a popular, trendy, chain clothing store, too. Oh, and I go to Ryerson for journalism. Lately, in my spare time (if you can even call it that), I read many an overseas fashion magazine, ride my bike to the beach, eat meals on shady patios, and talk to my mom on the phone.
Favourite places to shop: I don’t have one go-to store where I know I’ll find something on every visit. I recently did a round at the Topshop pop-up shop at Jonathan + Olivia, though, which was thoroughly enjoyable. Besides that, I can’t remember where I last struck gold because I generally avoid summer shopping at all costs – I’d rather save up for fall when I can buy things that are comfy and “good for layering.”
Music: That’s always changing, except for a few old constants. My most recent listens were by Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros, Joanna Newsom, Florence and the Machine, and the Arcade Fire. The old constants include Bright Eyes, Joy Division, Bob Dylan, and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs.
Perfect Friday Night: This never happens, since I work every weekend and never get to go home to my parents’ house, but the perfect Friday night for me involves watching TV and eating Indian take-out with my parents after going to Chapters with my dad while my mom works. Then maybe I read a couple of novel-length e-mails from faraway friends and write novel-length replies. I know, I know.
Secret style weapon: My black bow headband.
Where did you get it: At a store called Ricki’s in the mall in Waterloo, Ontario.
Why do you love it?: Because I can wear it with my hair up or with my hair down, with casual or dressy outfits. It goes with everything and adds a cute little detail to every outfit.
If you lost it you would: I’d probably try to find a cute one that’s somewhat similar somewhere else, although I’ve already tried that since this one is breaking… There’s a piece of tape on it already. I’m dreading the day tape stops cutting it as a quick-fix.
Website: www.WORNJournal.com, mostly. But more often, twitter: twitter.com/stephanieie.