FASHION WEEK is even better in the sun.

by Haley Cullingham

Apparently the atmosphere decided to grant you your wish: it’s basically warm enough to justify the most ridiculous of your seasonally-inappropriate Fashion Week outfits. Maybe you’ll take a hint from Carlie Wong and swath yourself in silk, or go reccession-themed all week in re-worked Joe Fresh. Whatever you wear, this week is sure to be three things: inspirational, fabulous, and tiring. The clothes will be sensational, the blog posts will be catty, the parties (and the after-parties, and the after-after-parties, and the champagne brunches…) will be to-die-for, and if you aren’t already a week behind on sleep from CMW, the next six days are sure to do it for you. Just remember to match water with champage glass-for-glass, and if you sleep through all the shows and only make it to the parties, well…that’s why Al Gore invented the internet. And the styles sported by the girls wandering around the tent are bound to be just as alluring as those on the catwalk, so keep your eyes out for ideas. Happy Fashion Week!


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