Last month’s inaugural Black Foodie Picnic Day was a delicious success. If you missed it, you can still participate in the upcoming picnics, taking place on August 22 and September 19th. Whether in your own backyard, or with friends and family at a park—anyone, anywhere is invited! 

“What we’re really trying to do is create an appreciation for Black food through the universally-known activity that is the picnic”, explains Ellen Asiedu, Strategy Lead and Producer at Black Foodie. “While we’ve all eaten outside at one point or another, few outside the Black community know the joys of eating pholourie and pelau warmed over a stove at Niagara Falls or suya and mandazi at a park for a church picnic. This campaign helps foodies worldwide tap into the deliciousness of Black food culture through recipes and recommendations for Black-owned restaurants serving these culinary delights.”

How to join the celebration:

  1. Cook your own Afro-Carribean dish OR order from a local Black-owned restaurant
  2. Sprawl out and enjoy your picnic
  3. Snap photos and join the celebration online using #BFPD and #BlackFoodiePicnicDay

What dishes will you enjoy? Jerk Chicken, Peppered Fish, Jamaican Rice & Peas, Chickpea & Potato Curry, Coconut Rice Pudding—we’re getting hungry.

“There’s a lot of angst and unrest in the world right now, and as Black people, we’re carrying the weight of it. Encouraging our fans to ground themselves by basking in nature and enjoying their favourite comfort foods safely, with friends or in their own backyards, is an effective way for us to prioritize our joy and peace,” says Eden Hagos, Founder & CEO of Black Foodie. 

If you need some inspiration, head to the Black Foodie Instagram feed and you’ll be overwhelmed with mouthwatering ideas! You could also read our interview with Hagos, where she shares some of her favourite food places around the GTA.