On Being a Canadian Tuxedo & Classic Rock #Stylegasm at Stay Golden: A Shedoesthecity Classic Rock Dance Mess this Saturday at The Gladstone Hotel

There’s bad bad and there’s good-bad and there’s gawd that’s so good it’s bad OR gawd that’s so bad its good. This Saturday we’ll all be attempting to wear our favourite classic rock duds, or an all-out Canadian Tuxedo, while still maintaining hotness and possibly even being a stylegasm on the dance floor at Stay… Read More »

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Pop5: From Florence’s frock to monkeys riding pigs, we have got the best ofs for this lovey-dovey mid Feb week

Florence’s dress – Eggs aside, this year’s Grammys were really great. Watching Bruno Mars doo-wop his amazing track ‘Grenade’ and Janelle Monae rocking out, Arcade Fair staging a massive upset to win Best Album and Mumford and Sons taking the stage with Bob Dylan were all major highlights. And of course, some seriously gorgeous dresses… Read More »

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I dreamed a dream of Kelly Clarkson

Besides the French dudes (yuck) and non-existence of coffee-to-go (not as enjoyable as you might think), a certain non-fancy-pants-filled country—they made me say that—distinctly lacks North America’s pathetic celebrity worship. Or maybe I can’t read the headlines. But between cheese sweats and afternoon buzzes, familiar thoughts persisted: Is Gwyneth Paltrow still far superior to me?… Read More »

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