TIFF Party Girl Report Card: Katie Boland attends Playback Canadian Hall of Fame Gala, gets named one of the Ten2Watch

It’s impossible to hit every party during TIFF, so we handpicked 20 women, whose style and charisma we admire, to be our spies. They’re red carpet ready in five minutes, always on the guest list, and help bring a party to life with their magnetic personalities and endless energy. Each day they’ll report back the… Read More »

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The Hazelton Takeover – where Juliette Lewis, David Suzuki and Jason Reitman all show up to celebrate with Strombo.

Who would have thought CBC’s Hockey Night In Canada host Ron MacLean would ever be at a party where Chromeo was spinning? Well, last night this magic happened at The Hazelton Takeover – or the bash to celebrate George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight, same sorta format as The Hour, chopped in half. (So thirty minutes, hence the… Read More »

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The Downside of High!

By Caitlyn Holroyd You once had all the brains! Now they’re just carpet stains! Apparently, there could be some truth to the teachings of Reefer Madness, and CBC is delving into the mystery of whether or not pot is damaging young minds.

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