How to: Shepherd’s Pie with Yves Veggie Cuisine

Yves Veggie Cuisine sent me an insulated bag filled with veggie swag, so I decided to put my limited cooking skills to work. I’m currently pregnant and the list of things I care to eat has shrunken – meat was one of the first casualties – so this delivery was timely. I intended to follow the recipe, but because… Read More »

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How To: Burgundy Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial

For November, we have a modern take on classic favourite. The Burgundy Smokey Eye looks great on just about anyone. Perfect for a night out, it makes blue eyes electric, green eyes pop and brown eyes smolder! Want to learn how to complete this look with flawless skin and contouring? Check out our YouTube channel – The… Read More »

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Taking The Perfect Selfie, a user’s guide

Let’s get one thing straight: taking pictures of your own face is not a selfish pastime, as some would ignorantly claim. It is an art as important and influential as a Picasso or Jackson Pollock painting (minus the twisty faces and chaos, respectively)… why else would the Oxford English Dictionary have named selfie the word of… Read More »

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Why To… Be Honest In Love

It sounds obvious. It seems basic. It reads like a nagging little grandmother going, “tell the truth.” Why would someone be dishonest in a relationship? Well, be honest with yourself—you’ve done it. You’ve laughed hard at a joke that wasn’t funny, you stayed in a relationship a little too long, you’ve broken someone’s heart gently… Read More »

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