Our romantic life was on the rocks (again), and the last talk we’d had about it was two weeks ago when he broke down and told me, “I feel like if this were any other problem you would want to work on it right away, but because it’s sex, you just keep ignoring it.” Not… Read More »

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Horny & Distressed

Dear MJ, My boyfriend and I have been going out for three years, and I’m finding that the sparks just aren’t there anymore. It actually feels like we have to build sex into our routine, otherwise it just doesn’t happen – and it NEVER happens without some wine. Anyway it’s depressing me, as I used… Read More »

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Gossip Girl spreads the word on Little Miss X

Gossip Girl here. Your one and only source into the scandalous lives of Manhattan’s elite… This week I took a little vacay to the other side of the border in order to get the 411 on Little Miss X-Rated, who’s been MIA. Spotted around town arm and arm with a new hottie, it looks like… Read More »

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Be a Man

I love being taken care of by my dude. Call it old-fashioned, but when I’m feeling down and out and he’s there to cradle me in his big farm-boy arms (yes, he actually grew up on a farm with cows and everything, thank you very much) and tell me everything is going to be all… Read More »

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Broken Hearted Now Single Mom

Dear MJ, My boyfriend, J, and I have been together off and on since June 2007. We broke up in the middle of August 2007. Our last night together, we were not responsible at all. I was really hurt and torn up. It was a month later and I had a one night stand with… Read More »

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Plenty of Fish and Baptist Oral Sex

Dear Diary, I joined my first online dating site one year ago as a lark more than anything else. Some of my friend’s were doing it, so I thought “why not”. I have to admit, it felt nice having countless men write to me each day telling me I was pretty, even if they were… Read More »

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