15 Minutes with Katie Boland

Katie Boland is an actor (and former SDTC contributor) who stars in the new short film presented as a web series, The Date. It tells the story of a young couple who first meet at a burger joint in downtown Toronto; the pair go on to forge a tradition of dining at the same spot every year on… Read More »

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Kayla Lorette and Zack Russell On Their New Film, Stolen Identities, and Toronto’s Artistic Community

Director Zack Russell and comedian Kayla Lorette are obsessed with Julian Richings. The Toronto-based Brit is someone you will have seen around—either in one of his myriad film, television, and theatre roles, or perhaps literally, in Parkdale where he’s lived for 30 years—a classic character actor with a face you might recognize but not know… Read More »

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