Your Ultimate Labour Day Long Weekend

Labour day is upon us, and if you know what’s good for you, you’ll pack as much summer as humanly possible into those last, precious three days. Here, we’ve aggregated a summer’s worth of SDTC fun. Consider this your ultimate checklist. See you on the other side. 1. Fill your home with fresh flowers. 2. Head… Read More »

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My Current Obsession: Riverdale Farm

My friend Annie is farm smart. Unlike the majority of my group of friends, Annie did not grow up in the city, or the suburbs, or even a small-ish town. Annie grew up on a farm. With cows, and barn cats, the whole enchilada. We recently got into a wine-induced discussion about being city-smart vs… Read More »

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Shedoesthecity Writers create their Summer To-Do Lists. Share yours for a chance to WIN!

Inspired by The To Do List (in theatres July 26th!) Shedoesthecity writers created their summer to-do lists that include everything from “doing it at the drive-in” to “more glitter, generally”. (See bottom to find out what you could win by emailing us your list! It’s AMAZING!!) Meredith’s List  Go pool hopping  Don’t wear pants for one month… Read More »

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