How To Deal With a Copycat

I’m inspired by so much awesomeness in the world: Danielle LaPorte’s blog, Mindy Kaling’s everything, the clothes Angelina Jolie wore in The Tourist, Taylor Swift’s ability to shake things off, the righteous mac ‘n cheese I ate yesterday. But there’s a big difference between being inspired by someone to get your inner juju and creative… Read More »

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I Admit It: I Like Taylor Swift, And Her New Video Too

Alright, Taylor Swift. You got me. For years I’ve resisted your charms. Actually, it wasn’t so much resisting your charms as pointing out the somewhat harmful messages in your early music. Because let’s be honest, the video for “You Belong With Me” is pretty cringeworthy and reinforces some very negative stereotypes about young women and the virgin/whore… Read More »

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Taylor Swift takes over MuchMusic

From you to your 12 year old sister to your 24 year old gay male roommate to your 24 year old straight male roommate to apparently every sexy youngster in Hollywood (damn you Swift! How dare you break Lautner’s heart?), everyone loves her. Taylor Swift is the Disney-Princess-Pretty singing sensation that people can’t help but… Read More »

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