An Open Letter to the Bar Underneath My Apartment

There’s nothing like being lulled to sleep by the dull, incessant vibration of a giant speaker below your bed. (Sounds sexy. Isn’t.) As the unidentifiably generic and unnecessarily loud electronic music pulsates its way into your genetic makeup with a persistence so relentless and repetitive you’re convinced it’s tattooing itself onto your DNA, you decide… Read More »

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This week’s COOL ROOMMATES: Living at Queen and Spadina with four roomies and a cat named Finnegan

This week’s cool roommates cook, clean, make art and get freaky in a winding, creaky, Dickensenian apartment above LIMITE, Queen street’s finest clubwear boutique. The six eclectic pals are artists, hairstylists, students and more, and whenever someone new moves in they drink everything in the cupboards. Last time I was there I met a puppy… Read More »

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