Take a free yoga class on Vancouver’s Kits beach with lululemon

Good afternoon, fellow yogis! Do you know what’s great? Yoga. Do you know what makes yoga even better? When practising it is free. Do you know what makes a free yoga class EVEN better? When it’s done outside, on a beach, looking out at the mountains. Is your third eye batting its lashes yet? (Sorry, had to.)

This Friday, August 9, lululemon is hosting a free hour-long flow yoga class at Vancouver’s Kitsilano Beach as part of the clothing company’s Seawheeze Half Marathon (the largest in Vancouver’s history!). There will be live bongo drums, the ocean breeze, the setting sun…OH BABY! This is the ultimate Vancouver experience.

The event is BYOM (bring your own mat, yo) and starts at 7:30pm. Arrive early to register and snag a good spot on the sand!

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  1. August 20, 2013

    I missed the free yoga! Dang.  I am looking to improve my health and wellness.  Have you heard of http://www.sojo.ca? I hear good things.  Let me know if you are familiar with them, and if it would be good to do counseling there.

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