We’re nearing 9 months into the pandemic and everyone is sick of staring at their screens. It’s time to take a break and switch to podcasts. 

She Does The City has assembled a list of can’t-miss podcasts to keep you company in quarantine. Being separated from our friends and family suck, but these shows will grip your attention. Whether your jam is true crime, politics, or self-improvement, we’ve got an audio series for you! As an added bonus, every delicious offering is available for free. 

You’re Wrong About

You’re Wrong About Is a podcast with an apt title. Co-hosts Mike and Sarah are committed to helping their audience discover the truth about all our misconceptions, from what happened at The O.J. Simpson Trial, to the myth that Yoko Ono broke up The Beatles. Their recent five-part miniseries on Princess Diana has caused such a stir, I’m currently engaged in three separate group texts about it. This is the show pop culture-obsessed history nerds have been awaiting!

Party Lines

It’s easier to hold our leaders accountable when we understand what the f-ck they’re doing! Thanks to COVID, Canada is in a protracted crisis. It’s more important than ever to be an informed citizen, but sometimes it’s difficult to make sense of all the complexities involved in governing our country. Enter journalists Elamin Abdelmahmoud and Rosemary Barton. With grace and humour, Rosemary and Elamin dissect everything you need to know about federal politics. Party Lines is totally worth the five seconds it takes to subscribe!

Let’s Talk About It

Therapist (and former Bachelor contestant) Taylor Nolan discusses all the things you’re thinking about. Together with her guests (many of whom are celebs or celebrity-adjacent), Taylor offers tips for living a mentally healthy and sexually satisfying life. You’ll love the real talk on a variety of topics, including consent, infertility, and freedom from anxious thoughts. Let’s Talk About It is basically a cross between free therapy and spending the afternoon with your coolest girlfriend. When you’re feeling lonely during lockdown, this podcast will keep you company…

Today, Explained

Who the f-ck understands what’s going on in America? It’s hard to make sense of the chaos unfolding in Canada’s closest neighbour. That’s why we need Today, Explained.  It’s an American current events podcast hosted by a Canadian! Every weekday, journalist Sean Rameswaram walks us through the US’ biggest new stories. Whether you’re curious about president-elect Joe Biden’s Coronavirus plans or you’re wondering why Trump still won’t concede, Sean puts it all in context. He’s also charming AF! 

Nice White Parents

The word “masterpiece” gets bandied about so often, it’s almost meaningless. The same is true with  “amazing,” a word I have used to describe my baby’s bowel movements. But when I tell you Nice White Parents is an amazing masterpiece, this description is earned. There aren’t enough superlatives to explain the brilliances of this series. Hosted by Chana Joffe-Walt, Nice White Parents is a five-part miniseries about what happens when some titular white parents decide to send their kids to a school in a historically racialized New York school district. The show dissects the ways these privileged white people think they’re improving the school community. It also explores ways they could be making things worse…

This Had Oscar Buzz

Join Joe Reid and Chris Feil for a podcast about Oscar Bait-y movies that bombed. Per the rules, every movie discussed must have failed to earn a single Oscar nom. Not even a Best Original Song nomination is allowed! From Burn After Reading to Mona Lisa Smile, each week, the co-hosts choose a different movie to analyse. Joe and Chris explain the ins and outs of the film’s campaign, and theorize about why it failed. The hosts are both film critics with a wealth of knowledge about The Academy Awards. If you love Awards Season, you’ll love this podcast. 

The Gravy Train

America isn’t the only country producing odious politicians. This eight-part miniseries tracks the rise of Rob Ford. The deceased former mayor of Toronto made headlines for smoking crack and that time he mentioned cunnilingus at a press conference. However, The Gravy Train isn’t solely focused on Ford’s most salacious moments; host Jordan Heath-Rawlings carefully explores how Ford’s failure to do his job harmed the people of Toronto. Ultimately, it’s a fascinating character study about a privileged white man with lots of ambition, but not much of a work ethic…

This Is Not a Drake Podcast 

Hosted by Ty Harper, This Is Not a Drake Podcast chronicles The Six God’s rise to greatness. But it’s not really a Drake podcast; it’s about so much more than Drake. The series uses Drake’s career as a framing device to discuss a variety of themes, including the history of R & B, race, gender, and Toronto’s hip-hop scene. We promise you’ll become obsessed! 

Canadian True Crime

True Crime podcasts are a dime a dozen, but Canadian True Crime is a gem. Hosted by Kristi Lee (a Canadian with an Aussie accent), it’s a deep dive into some of the country’s darkest moments. With empathy and impeccable research, Lee recounts the details of famous tragedies, like The Ecole Polytechnique Massacre and the murder of Laura Babcock. Perhaps what truly sets Canadian True Crime apart is the sensitivity with which Lee treats victims and their families. While the psychology and motivations of murderers are interesting, Lee never fails to make the victims her focus.  

The Longest Shortest Time

It’s a parenting podcast like no other. Heartfelt and cute, LST captures the beauty and the banality of raising babies. Originated By Hillary Frank – and later hosted by the winsome Andrea Silenzi – Why Oh Why talks about all the taboo subjects parents think about. From baby pooh to vasectomies, this award-winning series tackles everything you want to know about. Full disclosure: I even had the pleasure of appearing on an episode in 2018, and it was the highlight of my podcast-loving life!