The craft and vintage scene in Montreal has expanded richly over the past five years, with widely-attended pop-up shops, craft fairs, and studio sales taking place regularly in different boroughs across the city. Despite the dominance of larger events like Pop Montreal’s bi-annual Puces Pop, some vendors are seeking to push their wares at smaller venues and in more intimate environments.

The Wunderkammer Collective, a group of six Montreal-based DIY artists and vintage enthusiasts, aims to re-popularize the trend of pop-up art and clothing sales, and adamantly move away from the multi-vendor, application-based art and craft shows common to Montreal and other larger Canadian cities.

The group’s first Mile End sale will take place Friday, June 7 and Saturday, June 8 at Espace Pop (5587 Parc) from 10am to 6pm daily.

The Wunderkammer, or “cabinet of wonders” in German, will contain DIY, vintage, print and mixed media products by Marina Corsillo with BAD SNEAKERS Vintage, Stephanie Hakimi with Vieux Trucs Vintage, Kristal KC with PullingString, Jordan Meadows with The Old Chap, Vanessa Riego with vbot Clothing and Accessories, and Jasmine Soucy.

“With this pop-up shop, we are trying to create and tailor a space that represents the similarities and complementary aspects of our art and products,” explains Soucy. “It’s as much as about the aesthetic big picture of the space we are occupying as a whole as it is about our individual tables and booths.”

Notably, the pop-up sale will also include an abundance of men’s vintage clothing and accessories, a niche that Meadows, the sole gent in the Wunderkammer Collective, finds under-represented at most Montreal craft and clothing sales.

“I hope that my men’s vintage clothing and accessories line, The Old Chap, will help establish a more carefully thought-out menswear community at future sales in Montreal,” says Meadows, whose well-established Etsy collection focuses primarily on high-end men’s vintage accessories and clothing. The Collective’s first sale will also focus upon giving visitors the opportunity to browse wares in a less over-whelming and busy space.

The sale will be cash-only, and further updates can be obtained from the event’s Facebook page.