On Monday night I had the opportunity to do something totally different: I attended a fancy supper on the stage of Massey Hall to watch a live-stream of an Amex Unstaged concert in London while eating my creme caramel.

It was unique for a variety of reasons:

  • I don’t usually dine on a stage.
  • It was the first time I was in the legendary concert theatre and the rows of plush red seats were completely empty from orchestra to balcony. It provided a kind of reversely-intuitive theatrical backdrop to our centre stage supper.
  • While I ate dessert, I watched USHER perform live in London to 30,000 screaming fans.
  • The company was eclectic. To my left was Janice Waugh, a woman who tours the world alone and chronicles her adventures on solotravelerblog.com. To my right was guest of honour Michael Fazio, author of Concierge Confidential. He has built a small empire as Manhattan’s top concierge. Once a bellhop, Fazio’s list of clients now includes numerous A-list celebrities and his Midtown office outsources concierges to top luxury hotels and corporate businesses. Suffice to say dinner conversation was colourful and included everything from wrangling Bruce Springsteen tix for Manhattan elite to traversing Russia.

You may be thinking, “Okay, cool but WHY? Why Usher? Why eating in Massey Hall? Why Michael Fazio?” Good questions! I have answers.  
Why Usher?

AMEX Unstaged is a music series that works with YouTube and VEVO to bring together world renowned music talent with big name directors. It’s an unparalleled award-winning livestream series that has paired Arcade Fire with Terry Gilliam, Duran Duran with David Lynch and Coldplay with Anton Corbijn. Monday night, all eyes were on Usher whose sold-out London show was filmed by Hamish Hamilton.

Since 2010 over 70 million have tuned in to watch Amex Unstaged. Not only do Amex Cardmembers receive access to Amex Unstaged shows but everyone can watch a live streaming. Wanna catch clips of the sexiness from Monday night’s show? NEED TO CATCH THE SEXINESS? Go here. Damn, that man looks as good as he did in ’98.  

Why Massey Hall?

Quite simply: Amex is in the business of creating unique experiences for its Cardmembers. I am a Cardmember. It was unique. A+.

Why Michael Fazio?

This man knows good service like no other. His message/mantra is concise:  People want to feel special, that is the core of good service. This is why he is the spokesperson for Amex; they share the same core value of service. Amex wants to make every Cardmember feel special through exceptional service and experiences. For their premium Cardmembers- Platinum and Centurion- Amex takes service one step further with their renowned concierge service.  
Phew! That was a lot of info! Got it all? Bottom line: Amex rocks and I’m proud to be an #AmexAmbassador  

For more info, visit: http://on.fb.me/SheDoes5

Photo credit: Geoffrey Knott