By Rosemary Counter
Maybe an AUDI dealership isn’t where you’d expect to catch some glitz and glam—or maybe it is; I don’t know your life—but for Society girls Ashleigh Dempster and Amanda Blakley, it’s the perfect place to gather your gals for some serious celebrity gossip at the SMUT Soiree. On the panel was etalk chatterbox and Canada’s reigning smut queen Lainey Lui, The Aftershow’s Dan Levy and premiere paparazzo George Pimentel, who dressed up and ganged up on celebs for the ultimate Monday night gossip fest. There was some serious dish and no one was spared—a hunky man-of-the-moment whose unfortunate domestic revealed he prefers men-of-the-moments as well; a squeaky-clean mama’s girl who loves rough prison sex; the Russian roulette pill-parties of a certain anklet-wearing fashionista; and, of course, whose scruff and muscles conceal a teeny tiny manhood.

After a solid hour of who’s a bitch and who’s gay (spoiler alert!: they all are), we hit the dealership, AUDIs and all, for a cupcake-fuelled afterparty sponsored by The Bay, Dyson, Maynards, Dior, Perrier, ABSOLUT, Seagrams, FASHION Magazine and Yellow Tail. Needless to say, the white wine flowed and society hopefuls—in a rainbow of revealing summer dresses and teetering on their strappy heels—squealed when Glee non-homo (or so he’d have us believe) Cory Monteith appealed on screen with a special message for us. I’d tell you what he said, but then it wouldn’t be a secret.