Awesome puns aside, we think the outspoken, super fun, dancey rocker Beth Ditto is hella rad so we’re prets excited for her very colourful makeup collection to hit M.A.C stores this Thursday, June 7th. The limited-edition line (it lasts merely through to July 19th, sad face) features lipsticks, lipliner and nail polish in bright summery shades of orange, pink, purple and yellow, M.A.C’s Zoom Lash mascara in navy, violet and burgundy and Ditto’s signature fake eyelashes and heavy black liquid eyeliner. The collection also includes the debut of the Shade & Smoke Shadow/Liner, a dual-ended stick of eyeshadow and greasepaint liner for achieving the smokiest of smoky eyes (can we all just agree to stop saying “smoky eye”? WE HAVE TWO OF THEM).

“Makeup is a big part of who I am,” said Ditto, in a press release. “I love that it has the potential to transform a person; you can become a clown or a princess. Makeup offers someone the unique freedom to be someone else for the day, 10 minutes or the rest of their life.” Known for her dramatic on and offstage looks, Ditto cites Peggy Moffatt and Grace Jones as her ultimate beauty icons because “they can constantly transform themselves without losing their identities.” For her, music and makeup go hand in hand: “I am a child of the ’80s. When I was about five years old, MTV was made illegal in my hometown, so it felt like I was stuck on a deserted island with both Cyndi Lauper and Boy George’s music. They didn’t want you to pay attention to only their music or makeup – they wanted you to pay attention to both! I am obsessed with their music and also the looks they cultivated that ultimately defined the decade.”

Check out the video below of Ditto and her mom getting prepped and covered in polka dots for the shoot by M.A.C. Is it just us or do you too suddenly have a strong desire for dark, theatrically-lined eyes?

~ Lindsay Tapscott