The best nights out really need only one thing: an amazing crew of people to spill from bar to bar with, laughing like debaucherous hyenas and causing ruckus. But to supplement these necessary ingredients, we present an essential collection of watering holes, for every kind of night out you could ever want.


For fancy and delicious cocktails, hit up College St. and try Eat My Martini for their extensive drink menu, or Souz Dal for more laid-back sipping (and keep your eyes peeled for MSTRKRFT, rumour has it they hang out here.) Or grab a drink on the Drake Hotel Sky Yard for some serious ambience, then head downstairs, where the Lounge and the Underground always have great DJ’s-and Fridays usually boast cheap $5 cover. Perennial student favourite The Dance Cave will be the backdrop for your best and sloppiest student memories-it’s located above Lee’s Place, no sign but look for the line. But the sweatiest dance party comes west of the Dufferin Bridge, at Wrongbar (1279 Queen St. W.), or ignore the douche bags and dance up a storm at Levack Block’s backroom Friday dance parties. Stick to Ossington for a classier time, too: The Ossington (61 Ossington Ave.) is a great bar for those nights when you just want to have a good time, and Sweaty Betty’s (13 Ossington Ave.) patio is great for dirty girl talk. On Thursdays, Dance Like You Fuck at Strangelove (587 College St.) is the place to be, but dress to impress. And don’t forget to keep up with all the parties (like Goin’ Steady and Chronologic ) happening at The Boat (158 Augusta Ave.) in Kensington Market-if you’re looking to pick up sexy OCAD students, this is the place. Upstairs at Sneaky Dee’s gets pretty raucous, and they have some great electronic and rock acts for paltry duckets.


Tokyo (3709 blvd St-Laurent) is a prime spot for dancing any night, but is well known for its parties on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays. Look out for 2 for 1 drink deals, the largest patio in the city and two rooms bumping sweet tracks. Peel Pub (1107 Ste-Catherine O) on Thursdays is $1 shooters night and a first year haven–throw back saccharine-sweet drinks with your girlfriends and shake your ass on the packed dance floor to top 40 as Frenchmen whisper sweet nothings into your ear. If you’re into electronic music, you’ve got to check out Blue Dog (3958 blvd St-Laurent). Not every night is electronic though; Tuesdays offer disco as well as soul and funk from the 70s and 80s, Thursday offers free grilled cheese (really) and then there’s Lindsay Lohan Sextape Fridays. For amazing DJing and the hippest hipsters, head to Blizzarts (3956 blvd St-Laurent) and dance, dance dance like you’re Lykke Li.


Chill Winston’s ( hilariously crafted cocktails are delicious-and include such gems as the Ginzebel and Spooning Jesus. After supping some classy Friday evening drinks, head to Far Away Fridays at Media Club (these guys recently threw a Disco Wizards BBQ/Roller Disco in East Van-suffice to say we love them). Also hit up Glory Days at the Biltmore Cabaret on Saturday for cheap PBR and dance action. Another spot for amazing cocktails? Head right downtown to Subeez which serves up delicious martinis like the Teaches of Peaches-and has $15 pitchers of Sangria on Saturday nights. Pick up forest fire fighters while dancing to top 40 at The Bourbon, Vancouver’s best skeezy dance floor. Lucy Mae Brown’s (862 Richard’s St.) hip hop night on Wednesdays is a great place to get your dance on, and Honey (455 Abbott St.) is great for swayin’ to Motown.