Cask Days is the country’s largest cask beer festival. Wait, what is cask beer? It’s an ale that doesn’t finish fermenting until moments before it hits your glass. Since the bar owner has a hand in the brewing process, cask beer requires the tender lovin’ care of everyone involved.

Naturally, a beer this great deserves a festival to match. To celebrate this delicious brew, Cask Days brings 124 breweries together at Evergreen Brickworks for two days this weekend to serve 230 casks of beer. Giving them a hand are some of Toronto’s best chefs this year’s featured food vendor is Bar Isabel), DJs and artists. (The feature artist in this year’s gallery will be Kellen Hatanaka). If you’ve ever been to an event at the Brickworks, you know it’s the best place to consume gourmet goods while shoulder-shimmying to beats ricocheting through the ravine. 

Want to go? Of course you do! We’ve got tickets to give away: Just tweet “Pour me one @CaskDays this weekend, @shedoesthecity!” and you could win!

Cask Days happens Oct. 19th and 20th at Evergreen Brickworks. Saturday is sold out, but you can still buy tickets for Sunday here!