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How to Keep It Together During A Cleanse

It’s 3:30 AM on a Friday night and I’m sitting in a booth at McDonald’s, placing fries into my cheeseburger and trying not to make eye contact with the stone-faced dude in a full Adidas tracksuit that I feel has been judging me. Picture an Edward Hopper painting with a lot more shame. The next… Read More »


How to Eat After Working Out

“How to eat after working out” is a topic that was requested by a HEAL reader recently.  Now, I have to preface that the fundamentals of Holistic Nutrition are that no one person is the same, and that some foods respond better or worse in one person versus the next, but there are still guiding principles when… Read More »

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An Awkward Girl’s Guide to: The Gym

Hello again awkward men & awkward women.This morning a bug flew into my mouth as I was running, but people were around – so I held it in my mouth for a minute until I got past them to spit it out. REAL. STORY. DOT. ORG. Satan, as we all know, invented exercise. It follows,… Read More »

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Mind over Body: The Real Reason I Joined the Gym

“My porn starlets will be too busy working on their PhDs to go the gym,” slam poet Ernie Cline says in “Nerd Porn Auteur,” his comedic rant about the adult film industry. Along with this condemnation of the disappointing lack of diversity in mainstream porn, I’ve also often bought into the idea that any interest… Read More »


Some Great Fitness Links to Help You Work It Out

Maybe it’s because I’m about to wrap up my twenties, but lately I’ve taken working out from a back-burner, once-in-a-while kinda thing to a whole new daily level. This hasn’t been going on for long, but I finally understand those people who say they don’t feel balanced without a little sweat every day. Unless I’m… Read More »


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