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The Pregnancy Files: The Waiting Game

A woman’s due date is a guesstimate at best. It gives the mom-to-be, and everyone around her, something to fixate on, to feel comforted by. If a baby arrives before his or her due date, they’re considered “early.” If baby comes after, well then, by god, they’re “late!” This labelling, in itself, puts a weird sense… Read More »


Losing Part of Myself: My Miscarriage Story

This year, two years after our son was born, my husband and I decided to once again give the baby dance a whirl. A week into January I was awoken by severe nausea, but not wanting to put the proverbial horse before his cart, and still several days before it would be possible to test, I decided to… Read More »

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Women in Love: A Valentine’s Day Photo Essay

I’ll admit it, I love Valentine’s Day.  Somehow no amount of heart-day haters or anti-consumerists have been able to convince me that V-Day should be any less fun now than it was when I was five years old.  Even if it was just an excuse to eat unforgivable amounts of chocolate, how could that be… Read More »


Shedoesthecity Moms! Meet the women who made us

Can you tell which babelicious Mom goes with each Shedoesthecity writer? We wouldn’t be who we are today if not for you, Mom. Thank you. Sara & Trudy I’ve always admired how selfless my mom is. Her ability—and desire—to put the happiness of others before her own continuously amazes and inspires me. I know my… Read More »

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An alcoholic’s response to “Drunk Mom” by Jowita Bydlowska

Drunk Mom is a horrifying and beautifully written memoir. The book is by Jowita Bydlowska, a 30-something Torontonian who boldly shares stories from her first year of motherhood as a raging alcoholic. Her honesty is shocking. Her stories are infuriating. Drunk Mom frightened me. I threw the book against the wall. The book would be a difficult read for… Read More »


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