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Knocked Up? 10 Tips To Navigate the Weird World of Pregnancy

Knocked Up? 10 Tips To Navigate the Weird World of Pregnancy

People will want to touch your stomach. Maybe they want to feel the fetus reaching back through your skin, Aliens-style. Maybe they want to confirm there’s a baby in there and not just a pile of cheeseburgers. If you want to be left alone, create a forcefield of farts around you.


8 Bizarre Discoveries I’ve Made Since I became a Mom

1. New moms use feet like they’re hands. I’ve become quite good at picking things up with my feet. If Baby Boo is having a day where he only wants to be held by me, and will only fall asleep on me, then I find myself constantly grabbing things with my feet and toes. iPhone, blankie,… Read More »

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Entrepreneurial Moms: Carolyn Sinclair, Co-Founder of Fifty-Seven Family Learning and Wellness Centre

Carolyn Sinclair is the co-founder of Fifty-Seven Family Learning & Wellness Centre, offering family-centered education and support from pregnancy to preschool. (Where I took my awesome prenatal parenting class!) She’s mom to two-and-a-half-year-old Benny and six-month-old Lucy. Carolyn’s tips for new moms: 1. Slow down and embrace baby’s schedule As a mother of two little ones I… Read More »