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8 Bizarre Discoveries I’ve Made Since I became a Mom

1. New moms use feet like they’re hands. I’ve become quite good at picking things up with my feet. If Baby Boo is having a day where he only wants to be held by me, and will only fall asleep on me, then I find myself constantly grabbing things with my feet and toes. iPhone, blankie,… Read More »

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Entrepreneurial Moms: Carolyn Sinclair, Co-Founder of Fifty-Seven Family Learning and Wellness Centre

Carolyn Sinclair is the co-founder of Fifty-Seven Family Learning & Wellness Centre, offering family-centered education and support from pregnancy to preschool. (Where I took my awesome prenatal parenting class!) She’s mom to two-and-a-half-year-old Benny and six-month-old Lucy. Carolyn’s tips for new moms: 1. Slow down and embrace baby’s schedule As a mother of two little ones I… Read More »


The Pregnancy Files: The Waiting Game

A woman’s due date is a guesstimate at best. It gives the mom-to-be, and everyone around her, something to fixate on, to feel comforted by. If a baby arrives before his or her due date, they’re considered “early.” If baby comes after, well then, by god, they’re “late!” This labelling, in itself, puts a weird sense… Read More »


Losing Part of Myself: My Miscarriage Story

This year, two years after our son was born, my husband and I decided to once again give the baby dance a whirl. A week into January I was awoken by severe nausea, but not wanting to put the proverbial horse before his cart, and still several days before it would be possible to test, I decided to… Read More »

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Women in Love: A Valentine’s Day Photo Essay

I’ll admit it, I love Valentine’s Day.  Somehow no amount of heart-day haters or anti-consumerists have been able to convince me that V-Day should be any less fun now than it was when I was five years old.  Even if it was just an excuse to eat unforgivable amounts of chocolate, how could that be… Read More »