7 Badass Leather Jackets we are Lusting After

Yeah yeah, it’s about sunshine, budding tulips and chirping chickadees but Spring is also about busting out a badass leather jacket and feeling all “FUCK YEAH! It’s time.” So, to prep for the onset of this leather weather season, we bring you seven of the sexiest mother effing leather jackets this dear season has to offer. While you peruse, you might as well blare this. Oh, now you’re in the mood.

1. Sweden’s House of Dagmar combines both on-trend denim and light leather for a fresh spring look. Wear it with mustard yellow skirt or anything silk. $590, Urban Outfitters

2. Only Theory has the laid back design sense to create a smooth leather jacket of this calibre. Simple with no frills, and flawlessly constructed. $745, Net-a-porter

3. Umm yeah, so I just died a little when I saw this leather Burberry wonder. The jacket is a freaking weapon; a beautiful, unobtainable, badass weapon for only the strongest of women. The ultimate debate: one year of university vs. this jacket. $5,995, Net-a-porter

4. Similar to the Burberry leather jacket but more subdued, this 3.1 Phillip Lim piece is what dreams are made of. Take a risk with this unique, textured piece. $1,750,

5. I’ve always wanted a hooded leather jacket. The hood just has more sass appeal. No Adidas tear-away pants required for this sporty look. $134.48, ASOS

6. Fact: Canadian leather extends beyond Roots. For something different, support Canadian designer Thieves by Sonja den Elzen with this fitted jacket made of sustainable vegetable-tanned leather lined with hemp/silk satin. $1080, Thieves Boutique, 1156 Queen Street West 

7. Line Knitwear: it’s not just yarn! Also a Canadian label, I’ve lately been crushing on a few of their leather jackets, which you can check out at Fawn Boutique, 967 Queen Street West. This would be a perfect purchase just in time for LGFW! Line Knitwear’s 2011 Women’s Collection will be the final show at Heritage Court next Friday and the one that I am seriously excited for.  

~ Erin Pehlivan

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