People often ask me where my favourite getaway is: Montreal. It’s cheap, easy to get to and feels remarkably different than Toronto. 

Right now, there are a variety of Montreal hotels recommendations with pretty sweet deals. Whether you want to be all romantic at Hotel St-Paul in Vieux Montreal or prefer the peacefulness at Auberge de la Fontaine, nestled by the gorgeous and sprawling park, there is a hotel bed with fluffy hotel pillows just for you. Check out a listing of listing of Montreal hotels with special rates with special rates right now.

What to do when you arrive? Ooooh, so much. I’m going to tease you with some ideas. 

Bota Bota, Spa sur L’eau

Designed by Sid Lee agency, this is an old ferry boat that has been turned into a three-level water spa. Situated on the St. Lawrence, you can dip into the hot tub, relax in the sauna and gaze out onto the Old Port. Spa treatments also available. You have to see this to understand how cool it is.

Horse and Carriage in Old Montreal

I know, it sounds like a tourist trap but covering yourself in a blankie, sipping hot cocoa and being steered through Montreal’s cobblestone streets under a starry sky is totally romantic. 

Shopping in the Plateau and Mile End neighbourhoods

Start at Sherbrooke and walk all the way North on St Laurent to Saint Viateur. On the way, hit our favourite boutiques including Lola and Emily, Boutique 1861, Citizen Vintage and Unicorn.

While in the Mile End ‘hood grab some donuts at Chez Boris.

Jean-Talon Market

It doesn’t matter what time of year it is, Jean Talon Market is always a sensual experience. Bundle up, grab a seasonal tea and wander through the endless rows of fresh produce, baked goods and Quebec specialty food shops. 

Best brunch spots!

Best brunch in the city, right here.

Afternoon cupcake? 

For an afternoon treat, here’s your list of Best Montreal Cupcakes!

People watching in enchanting Montreal cafes

For latte bowls and people watching, hit one of our favourite cafes.


Y’all know Montreal is the best for nightlife. We think you’ll fare best at Blizzarts, Korova, Tokyo (for dancing) and Else’s for quiet late night whiskey on the rocks. 

Get on a train! A Porter plane! And book a Montreal hotel for a magical weekend away. DO IT!