It’s almost spring. ALMOST. To help pull us through the final stretches of winter, we’re showcasing five Etsy vendors this month whose fashionable wares have us dreaming of sunny days when city walks are accompanied by the trickling sound of snow melting. You know that sound! And when the birds chirp too, well, there isn’t much in life that’s better.

This week, we profile Québec-based Zoé Girard of zoé g kocsis.

SDTC: What do you make?

ZG: I make clothes and home decor for the moment of rest. I’m inspired by the week-end. This time when you allow yourself to truly enjoy the time slowly passing by. All the clothes I do must be comfortable and easy to wear. From two-piece pajamas that can be worn separatly during the day to casual jumpsuits and cozy knitted pieces.

Plants also really inspire me. Their diferent shapes  and growing process captivate me. My plant hangers really came from a need include plants to my apartment decor… And there was no more place on any furnitures to place them.

SDTC: How has your business grown over the years? 

ZG: At first there was only some hand knitted accessories but I stopped doing them to make room for sewn clothes, like the open back jumpsuit I still sell. Then I graduated from Textile School (Montréal Center for Contemporary Textiles) with a collection of knitted pieces, which is what I enjoy doing the most. They’re done on a knitting machine. I really like using it!

Plant hangers came a little later the summer after gratuating and I was able to show them for the first time at Etsy Made in Montréal.

In the future I want to continue working with all the techniques I learned and come up with more knitwear, accessories (a tote bag is on the way) and home decor products.

SDTC: What are your top sellers? Who is buying them?

ZG: I only sell on Etsy and in a shop called Rosewood Clothing Gallery in Virginia, US.

Selling on Etsy allows me to have customers all over the globe. Most of my orders come from Canada, United States and Australia.

SDTC: What do you love most about being part of the Etsy community?

ZG: What I really love about Etsy is the way it can be an online website to buy and sell from all around the world but also a way to meet such nice people who are as passionate about hand made as I am. It really is a community and being a part of it makes me so happy!

SDTC: What are you most excited for this spring?

ZG: First of all, riding my bike again. It’s always the first thing I have in mind when I think about nice weather.

And for zoé g kocsis, I’ll say really nice new plant hanger are coming. More colors, especially one I am really exited about. I won’t spoil the surprise but it’s coming soon!