The pipeline projects in development are proposing to create six thousand-person mancamps. This means an influx of predominantly non-Indigenous male workers on vulnerable and remote communities.

To mitigate the harm this could potentially cause, a fundraiser to support front line youth defenders is being planned for this weekend. They’ll travel to remote first nations facing the threat of industry camps in order to create social risk assessments and safety plans necessary to aid these communities.

This Saturday starting at 6 p.m., head to Unit 2 (163 Sterling Rd) for a fundraiser including live performances, an art auction and a dance party. Performers include DJ Angie La-La of wyzegyal, KHOBRA, Shanaaz, Nik Redman, Lue Boileau, Gein Wong, Ashley Bomberry and ABSVND. Artists include Sofy Mesa, Amber King, Shannon Leigh, Rosa Venenosa, Rowell Soller, Skratch Won, Mirie Song, Shushwap Creations, Ekow Stone, Dayna Danger, Erin Konsomo, Nico Williams, Jess Devitoris, Maanii Oakes and Nanook Gordon. 

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