Over 3000 people have committed to Theatre Pass Muraille’s TRC Reading Challenge, and starting this Wednesday, you can join them for weekly readings of the Truth & Reconciliation Report, happening 9:30am -10:30am. 

Once you register, you will receive a Zoom link. Here’s how this weekly reading event will look:

  • 30-40 minutes of active reading each week, with introductions and time for reflection and conversation
  • Team from Theatre Passe Muraille will read the report aloud, and you can choose to read or listen
  • There will be  zoom auto-captioning, and ASL interpretation will be available upon request
  • There will be an active listening room with a TPM staff member each week.

“As settlers and as an organization we recognize the systemic inequities in which we benefit from: the same system that continues to oppress Indigenous people on this land. Our thoughts go to our Indigenous artists and community members who are creating and caring — all while grieving and fighting every day of the year. We demand clean drinking water for Indigenous people, clean air for Aamjiwnaang First Nation in Sarnia, the rights to safely fish for Mi’kmaq First Nations, and for continued investigation of unmarked graves across Canada,” reads a statement from Theatre Passe Muraille. “Come and read with us.”

We think joining them is a highly impactful way to absorb the report, and reading parts each week, with a group of committed people, will likely inspire deeper reflection and understanding than a solo read late at night on a smartphone. Make a commitment and take the pledge.