– There are exactly 52 days until September 1st.

– The Toronto winter lasts between 4 and 5 months, and it can snow in up to 6 of the year’s 12 months without it being too weird.

– If you take your old clothes to a Kind Exchange or Common Sort you can get rid of stuff you don’t wear anymore AND buy a whole new outfit without feeling bad!

– Sunscreen is important.

– Toronto’s winter this year was its coldest in 25 years.

– The Fringe Festival is ending on Sunday, so you’re running out of chances to see a show and then get drunk at the Fringe tent with cute actors after.

– We have a tumblr that is literally perfect for whiling away a summer afternoon until dinner plans.

Montreal, Kingston, Ottawa, and cottage country are only a road trip away.

– You can probably make a better potato salad than that stupid Kickstarter guy. Why not make one and kick start a barbecue without bothering anyone on the Internet about it or making a fuss in general? Everyone loves a barbecue. No one loves that potato salad guy.

– Our Hit List is so jam-packed with events every week and if you’re not taking advantage of it to try something a little different this weekend you are quiet simply not doing summer correctly.

– This summer, right now, is the youngest you will ever be for summer. By the time next summer happens you will be one year older, which isn’t a problem, but we’re just saying.

– Summer days are scientifically perfect for crafting on the porch with friends.

– Or drinking cocktails in your backyard.

– Or sitting in a park doing aaaabsoluuuutely nothing.

– Walking through Toronto late at night with friends in the hot hot summer makes the entire city feel a film set.

– This town is exploding with farmer’s markets. 

– You probably know someone with a pool.

– Remember snow?

– Everyone makes passes at girls who bike in sunglasses. The city is more bikeable than you think; it’s the ultimate fitness-friendly, eco-friendly, cute-skirt-accident-friendly way to travel.

– Toronto is home to 8 wonderful beaches where you CAN absolutely swim.

– At one of them you can also swim NAKED.

– On weekends in the summer, the city is full of yard sales. Want some fun new kitsch? Just wander a fun neighbourhood (Parkdale and the Annex are good bets) and do some lawn-shopping.

Watching movies outdoors is cosy and cheap and perfect for a first date, 101st date, or night out with completely platonic friends because romance isn’t everything.

– Sandals are a sometimes-shoe and they deserve to have their literal moment in the sun.

– Going to the Toronto Island is basically the same thing as going to a tropical island. Sorry, Barbados.

– We all debunked the bikini body myth thing a long time ago. Wear literally whatever you want to go swimming, it’s your body and it looks great.

– Summer is a time for trying new things, having adventures, drinking fancy sugar-y drinks, wearing very short shorts, and making the city feel like it’s really, truly, yours.

– There are exactly 52 days until September 1st.