Look Cute for April Showers

This year, I’m trying something different. Instead of being constantly surprised by fluctuating Toronto weather, I’m preparing for the rainy month ahead like an adult lady. Having found myself running down Queen West in a make-shift poncho made from several stapled CB2 bags (shout-out to CB2 for helping out a soaking gal in the midst… Read More »

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A Golden Roundup

This could just be a phase, but lately, I’ve been obsessed with gold. Gold jewelry, gold housewares, gold nails, gold EVERYTHING! Here’s a roundup of all the golden odds, ends and accessories that put a smile on my face. Bling on, my friends. 1. BAGGU Basic Leather Tote Bag, Urban Outfitters, $160.00 2. Essie Good as Gold,… Read More »

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Spring into March with Pretty Pastels!

We’re taking a break from loud colours and busy prints to step into the world of soothing, delicate pastels.  How can you go wrong with tones inspired by ice-cream? Impossible! 1. Butter Baked Goods Chocolate Marshmallows, Indigo,  $9.50 2. ASOS Satchel Bag with Scallop Bar Detail, Asos, $63.29 3. Pastel Mohair Blanket, Zara Home, $199.99… Read More »

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Five Holiday Outfits for Under $75

Okay, the holidays are here. And chances are you have about nine million different events to go to, and, after gift-giving and festive-chocolate-purchasing, very little money to spend on clothing for them. Behold, five holiday outfits for less than $75.   Shop for Jayu necklace ($11) + Forever 21 Dancing Queen Fit + Flare Dress  $27.80… Read More »

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Early Bird Gets the Warm: Best Winter Coat Picks

Don’t mean to send everybody into a frenzy – we realize it’s still warm out, but there’s nothing wrong with thinking and planning ahead when it comes to the winter season. In fact, it’s highly encouraged: just ask our furry friends! Grizzly bears consume their weight in fish before they hibernate. Squirrels build chambers in… Read More »

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