7 Badass Leather Jackets we are Lusting After

Yeah yeah, it’s about sunshine, budding tulips and chirping chickadees but Spring is also about busting out a badass leather jacket and feeling all “FUCK YEAH! It’s time.” So, to prep for the onset of this leather weather season, we bring you seven of the sexiest mother effing leather jackets this dear season has to… Read More »

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The runways have confirmed that Fall/Winter 2011 is all about dressing like glamorous street meat

Some people blogged about polka dots while others tweeted about chic-country (yawn.) What I noticed? Head-to-toe ketchup and mustard hues. Sayonara BLACK, the one trend you can’t deny is that fall 2011 is all about colour. Haute Oscar Meyer aside, prospective trends will include colour blocking like it’s 1988; vibrant blues, greens, yellows, oranges, pinks… Read More »

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Five things we love this Fall

Wedge boots – It’s about time fall boots became a little more practical. Last year we saw a lot of open-toed boots – are you kidding me? Open toes for the rainy fall is about relevant as sheep skin coats for the spring. But checking out some of the shoes on the shelves – we… Read More »

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Shedoesthecity's Online Fashion Guide

We’ve been surfing, clicking, buying and making WAY too many outfit collages – that have now taken over our entire bulletin board. Why? Well….the other day on Facebook we tossed out the question – what are your favourite online shopping destinations? We’ve since been hooked…maybe even addicted, so here’s the skinny on the major URL’s… Read More »

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