LK Shaw is the Creator of Online Art and Lit Zine Shabby Doll House 

I was first introduced to the online zine Shabby Doll House when I met one of its illustrators, Jenn Kucharczyk, at a Christmas Party last winter. As I read excerpts of the Winter issue on her phone in the corner of the party, I was blown away bythe zine’s content. Its stirring relevancy and juxtaposition of apathy and deep longing seemed to ring true for right now.… Read More »

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We talk to Josey Vogels about her new book, what good sex means and how she built her career as a sex journalist

Sex is kind of like cooking: you can experiment forever, there’s always room for improvement, and sometimes you want comfort food while other times call for something a little more spicy and exotic. It also tastes good and makes you go Mmmmmmmmmm. Josey Vogels has been a sex and relationship journalist since the early 90s;… Read More »

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