TIFF Diary: Week One

Wednesday, Sept. 3: It’s the night before TIFF, and all through the house, a girl was massaging kale for a salad and wondering if bathing suit bottoms could be suitable underwear. I go the Spoke Club around 8:30 for the Young Canadian Filmmakers Party wearing a backpack that weighs more than most of the actresses… Read More »

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Let’s make 2013 the year we stop slut shaming

It’s a new year, and you know what that means: it’s time for New Year’s resolutions! But amid all those promises you make to yourself to get your workspace organized and to stop eating anything with cheese from Sneaky Dee’s, I’d like to propose a social resolution that we can all take part in: to stop… Read More »

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The Runaways Is Out on DVD

The Runaways-the extremely cool movie starring Kristin Stewart and Dakota Fanning as the legendary bad-ass cult girl punk group, is now out on DVD. The movie is aesthetically inspiring fashion-wise, and will make you want to take a page out of their book and cause some serious trouble. Pick up the DVD and spend an… Read More »

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Vampire Bandwagoning: A Rant in Three Parts

By Zoe Shapiro 1. Craziness: I was waitressing on a patio last week and two lovely lesbians asked me to weigh in on their argument. Should lesbian number one get fangs? Butch says no, femme says yes, Zoe says WHATTHEFUCK!? Someone, probably several someones, are considering getting their teeth filed away! Teeth do not grow… Read More »

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