Five Amazing Ways to Spend Your Bonus Hour this Weekend

The clocks fall back this Sunday. After getting screwed in March (I hate you, sleep-stealing daylight saving time), the extra hour in November makes it all worthwhile. So make the most of it! While you could loll luxuriantly in bed for another 60 minutes, here are five other ways to spend Sunday’s glorious 25th hour:

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Librairie Drawn & Quarterly's Fifth Anniversary Featuring Charles Burns, Adrian Tomine, and Chris Ware

One of our favourite book stores in Montreal is celebrating their fifth anniversary on Sunday, Nov. 11th. Three master cartoonists will be on hand to help toast the Mile End shop: Charles Burns, the Philadelphia artist behind Black Hole and The Hive, New Yorker illustrator Adrian Tomine, and Chris Ware, who created Jimmy Corrigan, The… Read More »

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