Eat fancy on the cheap with Taste MTL Resto Week

From Nov. 1st-11th, some of the best restaurants in Montreal will be offering three levels of prix fixe menus, including a late-night $19 option, as part of Taste MTL Resto Week. From the finest dining to BYOWine spots, you’ll have lots of opportunities to sample restaurants you usually, regrettably restrain yourself from due to common… Read More »

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Little oysters, little oysters! Celebrate summer’s last hurrah at Montreal’s Oysterfest

“He was a bold man that first ate an oyster,” said Jonathan Swift, indicating the level of courage required to down the admittedly curious-looking marine treat. However, if you’re looking to be initiated into the delights of the oyster, you can’t do any better than Montreal Oysterfest (on September 2nd, Labour Day Sunday), which celebrates… Read More »

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Key Montreal Take-Out Spots: Rotisserie Romados on Rachel

There is definitely something to be said for take-out food. Eating a hot, just-made dinner in the comfort of your living room, in your underwear (because it’s currently humid as dicks in Montreal), while streaming some sort of sci-fi-drama on your laptop, pretty well tips the what-we-would-rather-be-doing-right-now scale.

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