Winnipeg’s Querkus discuss their love of trees, why they’re twits, and their hopes for 2011

If you’re searching for a soundtrack for the season, Winnipeg duo Querkus’ latest album (“Spaces Between the Leaves Make Way for the Stars”) might just be it. Karen Asmundson and Edgar Ozolins have a knack for creating calming music that pays homage to the natural world; blending electronics with classical to create a sound all their… Read More »

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A tea-time chat with Ingrid Gatin, the Winnipeg musician who toured in a canoe (seriously.)

Warm and friendly as a nice cuppa, my teatime chat with Ingrid Gatin flew through the gates of your typical interview and into the lush green fields of genuinely enjoyable conversation.  Keep reading for a canoe tour along the Assiniboine, desert sounds, heart-to-hearts with second cousins, opening for Owen Pallett, and singing in Paris.  Upon… Read More »

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