Art Preview: Mythmakers at the OCADU Graduate Gallery Brings Mark Makers Together, Teaches Us the Aramaic Definition of Abracadabra 

There’s a thrill inherent in the term “emerging artist.” It suggests being on the cusp of something,  although what that ‘something’ is, is titillatingly unclear.  Mythmakers, opening Feb. 25th and taking up residency in the OCADU Graduate Gallery (205 Richmond St.) until March 3rd, offers the public a glimpse into the exciting work of six artists currently… Read More »

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Identical twins Tara and Courtney Neray's Slashpile Designs jewellery is inspired by treeplanting, drug molecules, and injuries

Don’t be fooled by these identical twins. When it comes to Tara and Courtney Neray’s Slashpile Designs, each jewellery piece is just as quirky and unique as they are. According to Tara and Courtney, Slashpile Designs is jewellery to start a conversation. Having studied material art and industrial design at OCAD, not only have the… Read More »

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Aimée Henny Brown is travelling across the country doing performance art on a train. Catch her off the rails Thursday, May 17th

In collaboration with the AGO, OCAD, and VIA Rail, artist Aimée Henny Brown has been riding the rails across the Western half of this great nation, staging performance art onboard a long-haul passenger train (a.k.a. my dream trip.). She’s travelling from Vancouver to Toronto and back, performing for passengers twice a day, in Overland Station: par… Read More »

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Seven Reasons Why a Toronto Girl Should Visit Berlin

This past summer, I finally did it. I took the plunge and immersed myself in an entirely new city and culture without knowing a single soul beforehand. How? I participated in a study abroad program through the University of Toronto and took a politics course titled “Societal Change, Modern Germany and the Process of European Integration” in… Read More »

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