An interview with Conor Lavelle, vocalist/guitarist from Toronto band Fort York, who are crowd-funding to make their second record a reality

Amidst the streetcar clangs, unrelenting cab honks and herds of pedestrians, it’s hard to imagine a band like Fort York could spawn from Toronto’s downtown centre. Listening to the folksy rockers musters up images of dreamy backcountry road trips and orange sunsets flickering through the car window. But however Canadiana-country they sound, vocalist/guitarist Conor Lavelle… Read More »

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K’Naan, Sam Roberts Band and The Rural Alberta Advantage headline this year’s Festival Music House

Back for its second year, Festival Music House is easily one of our favourite TIFF parties thanks to its laid-back, let-your-hair-down vibe and, of course, the amazing lineup of Canadian musicians it showcases. The three-day gala kicked-off at the Mod Club last night with performances by K’Naan, The Midway State, Hannah Georgas, Dinosaur Bones and… Read More »

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Your 2011 Summer Music Festival Guide

Lace up your leather sandals, dust off your cut offs, and for the love of god, apply your SPF. Ladies and Gentleman, it’s soon to be musical festival season, and whether you’re an old pro or a new recruit, you couldn’t have picked a better summer to dance with strangers in a field. As someone… Read More »

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Friends in Bellwoods 2

By Haley Cullingham I admit it, I can’t help but swell with corny local pride. The simple graphic cover, the friendly idea of art collectives in bungalows, the staggering collection of diverse and extremely listenable artists contained herein-Friends In Bellwoods 2, take me, I’m yours. Because, like, I have friends in Bellwoods, y’know? And the… Read More »

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