Mackage/Who’s Next

by Heidi Craig When the cold weather rears its frosty head, it can be tempting to forego fashion and opt for a carelessly mismatched pile of wool, down and Gore Tex. Only the superlatively stylish (or perennially homeless) can pull off this look; the rest of us would be well advised to keep Mackage in… Read More »

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Like a Chair, but Smaller: Tiny Little Chairs

by Heidi Craig Awww! Montreal-based Bruxe Design’s new jewelry line just might be the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. Tiny Little Chairs is a collection of miniature vintage chair pendants that celebrate mid-century furniture design. Babies and puppies will look downright ugly next to your adorable wittle chair on a chain. The series consists of five chairs: the… Read More »

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