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Jon Favreau’s CHEF is a feel-good film that goes down easy, like your favourite comfort food

Heartwarming, passionate, funny and appetizing: Chef is a total crowd-pleaser. Even the pickiest of eaters, or snobbiest cinephiles, will have a hard time not enjoying this feel-good flick. Written, directed and starring Jon Favreau (Most liked guy in Hollywood?) this is a film made for the #nomnom crowd.  Or the estimated 200 million Instagram users who like… Read More »

Pringles-Tortilla-Chips copy

Weigh In On The Great #PringlesDIPbate And WIN!

The time has come, dear reader, for you to pick a side: are you a dipper or a non-dipper? Since the beginning of time, there has existed a very special union between chip and dip, and we totally get it. The traditional tortilla chip can be bland and needy in the flavour department. Buuuuut, the… Read More »


Take Part in the OSPCA Friends For Life! Walk & Giveaway!

What are you doing Saturday September 20th and Sunday September 21st? Have plans already? Cancel em! Don’t? You’re welcome! Taking place in 18 communities across Ontario, the Friends for Life! Walk benefits the Ontario Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in a big way. Whether you raise a little or a lot, everything will… Read More »


Win an IT Lounge Portrait Studio Gift Bag from NKPR!

TIFF is finally here, woohoo! Toronto is in for the most magical two weeks of the year filled with riveting cinematic experiences, celebrity sightings, and ample people watching. Then, there’s all the fun stuff, like gift lounges, that we don’t usually have access to….until NOW. Good news! These goodies are no longer reserved for the… Read More »