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How To Satisfy Her With A Small Penis

The average erect penis is 5.5 to 6.5 inches in length. If your penis size falls short of this and, as a result, you feel as though you’re at a disadvantage, you’re wrong. Besides the fact is that it’s width that matters most anyway, and there are certain sexual positions that can help you get inside her deeper, so that she feels full and you feel large.

1. Foreplay
As a rule of thumb, the closer she is to cumming with foreplay, the easier it will be for her to climax once you start penetrating her. It’s better still if you can make her climax at least once before getting into one of the following five small penis sex positions. Kiss her deeply, lick her clit, finger her, spank her, bite her nipples, whatever it is you need to do to get ‘er done.

2. The Doggie
You may now enter. The woman should be positioned so that her head and shoulders rest comfortably on a pillow, while her butt is raised in the air. Additionally, her back should be arched and her thighs drawn together. Enter her from behind with your legs opened. Lean forward while penetrating her, maintaining close physical contact.

3. The Snake
The woman lies flat on her belly, with her legs closed and a pillow under her hips. In an upright position, straddle her hips while keeping your knees bent. Place your genitals just behind her bottom and then gently spread her thighs just enough to allow penetration and slide your way in. Make sure to keep your weight off her body during intercourse. If need be, brace yourself against the wall or headboard, or bend forward until you’re able to touch the bed.

4. V-Formation
While the woman lies on her back, move between her thighs and enter her as you normally would from a kneeling position. Next, lift her legs in the air, hold her ankles, and spread her legs apart, forming a V-shape. Again, you can brace yourself against the wall or headboard. You can also drape her legs over your shoulders.

5. The Rabbit Ears
With the woman lying on her back, spread her thighs and draw her legs up until her knees are close to her ears. Don’t forget to slip a pillow under her bottom. This position allows you to penetrate her easily and deeply. If, after a while, the woman is having a hard time holding her legs in that position, you can hold her knees in place by hooking your arms in the crook of her knees. As a bonus, she can stimulate her clit in this position.

6. Woman Sitting
The man stands or kneels while the woman sits on the edge of the bed. When the man enters her, it will be at a slight upward angle, so his penis should hit the top wall of her vagina.

To further ease any insecurities you may be having, let me assure you that there are plenty of women who would prefer a below average penis to an above average penis. I know I don’t enjoy having my cervix pummeled by a dick that’s the size of my forearm. The point is, the small size of a man’s penis need not affect the pleasure of intercourse for either the man or the woman.

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While size is certainly an issue, more men need to also focus on the overall health of their equipment. Regularly use of a first rate penis health cream (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) can help with many common member health issues (Including penis odor).


 Size does matter unfortunately. I really wish people would stop acting like oral "sex" is sex, because it is not. It is a sexual act. But penis inside of the vagina is actually pure sex. Some women get yeast infections from sex, some women are NOT clitoral and require penetration. Also, there are meridians inside a woman's vagina that are connected to her whole body. I must admit that is it challenging to find a good man with the right size package. I must also say that sex is as basic as eating, sleeping, and drinking water. Try not having those things and see how happy and healthy you will be. A small penis is very frustrating no matter how you slice it. It certainly shouldn't be grounds for hurting anyone's feelings, but I recommend any man with a small penis stay away from women who love penetration and find a woman who hates it. His small penis will not feel like such an invasion. However, I have noticed that men with small penises are very ambitious and love to go for women who LOVE big dicks.  A woman's body is a play ground. She has all kinds of interesting things to play with. All a man has that is fun to play with is a penis. If that is only 3 inches long, that is not a lot to play with. Most men don't even want to hear the truth about why a 7inch plus penis is preferred, but I think facing the truth will empower the man more than coming up with all these sexless tricks. 

Ed Balls
Ed Balls




Yeah... Size... Wow! Small penis on a man that I love makes me want to explore more energetic sexual exchanges. Like if he has strong sexual energy and he's aware of himself, I doubt the size will be a hindrance in sharing and exchanging it with me. A longer penis can touch a part of me that, until I had sex with him, I literally didn't know I had. What a button! Man I want that dick so bad... But different strokes for different folks. Men who fell like they might have a small penis tend to work harder at foreplay and get really good at it, which no woman should go without experiencing. Whereas men with big dicks tend to go straight for the hole and bang like they're a hero.OUCH!!! I know a woman with breast implants who wanted to keep going bigger because she craved the feeling of pressure and squeeze in her breasts. People want different things...And they are a lot easier to suck, come on!


Too bad girth is positively correlated with length. Although there will be a range of different sizes longer johnsons tend to be the thicker ones as well.


Yeah, I've had three different guys. And the first one was okay, was longer then average, but didn't last in the bed. The other one was about average but he made it worth while, he moved in circular motions inside of me and it was great. While the next one, was average, but not very good at all. Just because you penetrate someone doesn't mean you go in and out VERY slowly men. There's nothing worse then having to pretend your enjoying yourself when your hooking up with someone, I'm sorry to say. But I do agree with these positions, I've done doggy & the v-formation and they gave me the best feeling in those lousy five minutes my first one lasted with.


I don't have a lot of experience (one partner, who is average size) but I find it to be perfect and don't find myself wishing for a larger size. A friend of mine had a partner who was very large and she found it extremely painful and also sometimes had difficultly walking the day after sex. That is not something I envy in the least.